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About Us

Ben Thomas Architects was established in 2004 and nurtures close, productive working relationships with clients. This has resulted in the steady flow of interesting and innovative projects that have often exceeded the client’s expectations.

We believe that architecture should enhance the quality of life and express who we are, our values and our culture. Architecture should be fun. It should bring joy, and that is why we aim to:


  • Produce highly creative and qualitative exciting and invigorating environments; places that stimulate the senses and nourish the soul.

  • Create spaces that capture and reflect the client’s identity, their values, beliefs and personality.

  • Create design outcomes and professional services that exceed client expectations

  • Build positive enriching relationships and through dialogue and the practicing of architecture, to learn, grow and discover.

Ben Thomas
Director, registered architect.

The passion for architecture and construction has been a constant companion in Ben’s life and education; first training as a carpenter, cabinet maker/joiner, then gaining practical building experience followed by formal architectural studies which were completed with first class honours.

Ben Thomas tiling mosaic bathroom tiles
Ben Thomas spiral staircase handrail
Our Approach

We prescribe to an inclusive architecture that responds to a multiplicity of parameters. We consolidate the variety of design parameters into a single strategy that becomes the driving design concept.

Therefore our projects are driven by the unique parameters of each project such as site specifics, programme, but most importantly personality and expectations of our clients.

Together with our clients we enjoy the delight of the creative process; discovering novel design solutions and perhaps venture beyond expectations and comfort zones.

We listen to our clients. We communicate and engage in positive dialogue. We surpass our client’s expectations.

Ben Thomas inspecting spiral staircase
Ben Thomas (1).jpg
What is important to us

Important to us are all sorts of architectural elements such as spatial quality, natural lighting and ventilation, materials and textures, structure and rhythm. Whilst interesting for us, these are not always appreciated by the client until the project is complete.


  • Thermal comfort; a pleasant living environment utilising solar passive design principles.

  • Sustainability; we believe our resources are precious and should be used with care. As building require a massive input of natural and financial resources, it is our responsibility to make the best of it.

  • Build-ability; we create building structures and details to suit each project. We are hands-on, practically minded and design for construction.

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