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New Farm Residence

The architectural language for the project was defined at the concept design stage as a layering, evolving, repetitive pattern that is organic but predicable and informed the entire design and documentation process.

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New Farm Residence

This project was the renovation and addition of an existing house in an inner city suburb. It was a close and fluent design process between client and architect that created underlying design concepts to develop this home for a growing family.


Whilst there are generous features and spaces the house has an unassuming, free-spirited, and welcoming charm. Underlying solar passive design principles and deliberate manipulation of light, views and breezes are enhanced by a choice of natural, textured materials. This is a house for the senses.


Completed: 2018

Construction: MacWest Construction

Structural: Inertia Consulting Engineers

Photos: Peeters Photo (selected)

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