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Paddington House

The brief: to create a family home reminiscent of the bold, fresh adventurous spirit of 1960’s homes with a hint of urban industrial edge, in keeping with the inner city location...

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Paddington House

Reflective of its residents, the building mass was designed as three separate building elements. The central stairwell, housed behind a two storey, curved glass block wall, unifies these elements. The translucent stairwell enclosure epitomises the design philosophy; a bold geometric shape, which is both asymmetric and soft. One can read the sky by the intensity of light yet the glass blocks provide complete privacy.


The house has exceeded the owners’ expectations in regards to functional performance. It has excellent thermal comfort, natural light, ventilation, and acoustics; all of which contribute towards the family’s wellbeing. Further, the spatial arrangement promotes family interactions whilst providing privacy and areas of seclusion.


Completed: 2016

Construction: Axis Construction and Renovation

Interiors: The Interior Styling Studio

Structural: John G. Batterham Consulting Engineer

Photos: Realscope, Isaac Marano

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